Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Godly Man and His Battle Part I

For Ken's Birthday Feb 28th, Kevin and April's families both gave Ken gift cards to Bass Pro Shop.  He bought a hat and a fly fishing rod with his gift card and began to make plans for a fishing trip.  He decided upon Beavers Bend and went on line to make reservations for a little log cabin.  We were excited about our trip April 28th through 30th.  However about two weeks before that date Ken began to have a battle with diarrhea.  Monday, April 26, he went to his doctor who gave him an antibiotic and he said he was feeling better so we left out around noon on the 28th.  He could hardly eat by that time but kept saying he was better, even though by this time he was suffering from nausea and eating tums by the handfuls. We thought the trip might help.  It is a 4 1/2 hour drive and the beauty begins when you arrive in the park area.  The area has a huge logging business and we passed dozens of logging trucks bringing out tall pine trunks.   We were both so happy to be here, the cabin was so clean and cute and nestled in the woods with only chirping birds and babbling brooks.   The story of our two days is documented on my travel blog so I will not repeat that.  In some strange way, we did have a nice time and the place is beautiful.
After growing more and more sick, I was ready to drive him to the hospital on Thursday night but he insisted he was going to have a good night sleep.  So very early Friday morning, I got up and starting packing the car and told him when we got to Broken Arrow, I was taking him straight to the emergency room to get some intravenous  fluids.  He did not resist too much...just a tiny bit by saying why not contact Dr Biddle.....  No way, he is the doctor that writes prescriptions without doing any tests or checking.  Anyway, by noon, we were checking into the St Francis Hospital South in Broken Arrow, not realizing just how sick he was.   We were at Broken Arrow South seven hours before being transported to the main Hospital where all the specialists are.  There we spent another five hours in the emergency room -- a total of 12 hours -- all the while, pouring fluids into his body as fast as they would go..  He was assigned to room 4313 -- Renal floor, diagnosed with kidney failure and possible the pancreas as well.  Here you can see what I tend to do when one sits and waits for hours and hours and hours.  You start by praying, quoting God's promises, fighting the fearful thoughts, praying, waiting, remembering God's Word, believing, fighting the thoughts and finally, the camera comes out and  you shoot at just anything.

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