Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We are not doing the traditional holiday today.  No picnic, no lake or swimming or grilling.  Just enjoying life today.   I have a deep sense of gratitude that Ken is getting better and all is well with my soul.  So I am celebrating life -- the life surrounding me.
Daisy's in their very beginning.  April planted these daisys in my back yard by the deck steps on Mother's day while I was spending the day at the hospital with Ken.  These are special daisys because Lily planted them from seed about 3 years ago.   Here is proof that daisys love me and my garden, they are beginning to open up.
The day lilies are now blooming.  Here in Oklahoma, you have to look really fast because they do not last very long at all.  So this is what I see this Memorial Day.  With no traditional activities for Ken and me today I decided to take photos of the world around.   I have so much to be thankful for.    First of all, I am thankful to those who gave their lives for our freedom as Americans.    That freedom is being challenged today by the apathy and immorality of our society.  God help us to fight for that freedom.
But even more than American freedom, I am thankful to Jesus, he gave HIMSELF for me.  I don't believe I would be here today without God's love for me and His strength in my weakness.

THERE IS LIFE!    I posted a photos in the spring of the dead stump from Ken's large banana tree which we wintered in the garage and it did not make it.   But from the soil, has sprouted three new baby banana trees.    LIFE AFTER DEATH!  Thank you  Jesus for your promise of life.

Wax begonias are beginning to sprout their muscle and spread just like they are suppose to do.
Hibiscus and they are flowering so beautifully for us this year.  Thank you!

The pot was barren to the naked eye, but beautiful hope sprouted up.    A reminder of Memorial Day celebration.

The Beginning of cone flowers -- what happened to the pink  ??????  Will that come with the next flower?    These cone flowers are coming back from last year.  Thank God for new life.

A product of the peace plant COTM sent to Ken in the hospital.

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