Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jazz Jazz Jazz

Ken and I have a little outing that we participate in once a month.  A couple years ago at the TSHA Fundraising Souper Sunday, I bid on a basket that had goodies from Gilcrease Museum.  The basket included a years membership.  This is when we began the Third Tuesday Jazz.

We have had a lot of fun and it sometimes is our only 'real date' for the month.     Each month, there is a different local group performing with instruments and vocal jazz plus. 
Most of the attendees are older couples.  Part of the fun is these 'oldies' love to dance with the music.     I don't dance but I love to watch others dance.    There are a few couples I really look forward to watching them have fun.

Gilcrease is a beautiful museum featuring western art with a strong emphasis on the Indian art.

Gilcrease sits on a hill overlooking downtown Tulsa from the west.

Tonight I took the little Fuji -- just for the fun of it.

The 3rd Tuesday night Jazz offers a buffett for $5 a person.   The food is mostly the same thing but it is good.      The buffet consists of fruit tray, cheese tray,  green salad and a couple choices of pasta dishes with a simple dessert -- often bread pudding.

Two years ago the cost was $4 and included a much larger selection of  drinks.    The Tulsa University took over the management and upped the price and cut some items.

Tonight the group was really good.  It was a 3-man team called SCORE with the keyboard players' wife, Sandy Gardner as the vocalist.      What a pleasant voice.

It is an early evening, 5:30 to 7:30 and we can be home by 8:00 -- remember it caters to the older population.    There are even groups from independent living centers bussed in.

With the daylight savins time change, it was still daylight when we left the event tonight.     We drove around town and stopped in and looked around at the Borders Book Store on the way home.

What an exciting Date Night!    Thanks Ken for loving to be with me.


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  1. What a fun date night! I hope that Kirk and I are still dating 50 years in!

    Love to both of you!