Friday, July 10, 2009

Celebrating Sommer's 33rd Birthday

Sommer's birthday is on Monday the 13th, but we had the brothers and sisters and cousins over for pizza and a cake from Merritt's bakers (her #1 request) for a Birthday celebration at noon today. Instead of opening gifts, we had words for Sommer. Those I remember: Lily: "You are very Pretty." Ava: "I love you Mommy." Joel: "A wise, intelligent, creative and spiritual lady." Jennifer: "Smok'n hot, a wonderful cook and a great Momma." Dan: "The kind of woman who can go out into the rough and tough places and pee in the bushes if she needs to or she can dress up in a pretty cocktail dress and be comfortable as a lady among the elite." April: "Intelligent and creative." Kevin: "Lots of energy." Papa Ken: "All your life you were creating something. You would ask for tape or something but keep what your were doing a secret until you could show the finished product. You have always been very persistent."
Anyone who remembers more word gifts for Sommer, please add them in the comments.
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