Sunday, March 15, 2009

"No Meatball????....then No Spaghetti"

I thought of little Carson today while eating the last two bites of Ken's meatball. We've discovered a little place, Oliveta, which has the best tomato bisque soup, the best Greek salad, and the best meatballs. But that is not my story. I was finishing off Ken's meatball today (I had been a good girl and ordered the Greek Salad) when I fondly thought of Carson.

It was September last year. Carson was three. On Sunday, we drove to Greenville to visit Bill and Millie. After church, we went to a family restaurant to have lunch.
Placing our orders, Carson ordered spaghetti with meatballs.

Waitress: We only have spaghetti sauce with meat in it.

Nana: That will be just fine.

Waitress to Ava: What would you like?

Ava: I'll have the grilled cheese sandwich.

Carson: Wait a minute, wait a minute...... NO MEATBALL? no spaghetti! ...then I'll have what Ava has.

Nana: Wait a minute, he will have a grilled cheese sandwich ... No meatball? then no spaghetti!

When did kids get so smart? Forty years ago, my kids did not have much choice ..... but then you know, forty years ago, we hardly ever went to a restaurant!

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  1. That was really funny. I liked it. I like the meatball. Sometimes I like the meat and sometimes I like it plain too.
    From Rosie