Sunday, August 28, 2011

Remembering The Steps Through The Valley With Great Gratitude

Ken and Duke, 2004

2004, we had taken a road trip to Austin Texas
Ken and Carson, Christmas 2006

Today, I'm going to talk about my hunnie, Ken.  Last Tuesday, August 23rd, Ken finally got his right knee replacement.  This in itself is a bit of a miracle.  It was ten years ago that Ken came home from work  in the middle of the day with his knee hurting.  By evening, the pain and swelling was bad enough that I took him to the emergency room in the old St Francis Broken Arrow Hospital.  They drained his knee of fluids and after running some test sent him home.
The pain and swelling continued to worsen to the point that I took him back.  He saw a Dr. Peterson, who decided to do a laparoscopic cleansing of the knee and at this time diagnosed it as MRSA.  Sent him home again with pain pills overlooking other important needs.

He continued to grow more and more sick.  The knee locked up and would not move so,  I took him back again where Dr Peterson did a second laparoscopic surgery.  Said this time he 'cleaned it out really good' and this time followed up with a specialist who supervised the pic and strong medication he was now on to 'beat' the deadly staph MRSA as well as physical therapy.  After about six weeks, Ken was getting better.  Ken tells me that he actually thought he was dying at one point.  And I've learned that many people do die from this resistant infection.

Continuous Movement Machine Aug 28
All of this left Ken with a limp and knee pain.  However, because of MRSA, no doctor would touch him -- telling him he needed to be MRSA-free for 3-5 years.  After five years, he was ready for his knee surgery but he failed his heart stress test.  Now another major problem:   diagnosed with heart disease with blockages everywhere and no place to repair -- no bypass possible because no where to connect.  We were told there were just too many blockages.  He was sent home saying "there is nothing we can do."
So the good news was GOD IS OUR HOPE AND OUR REFUGE.  
 Another four years passed and last year, Ken suffered kidney failure and a light stroke.  He was a VERY sick man.   Once again the healing power of God prevailed and he recovered.  During that three months of healing, he met several people who gave him the name of a wonderful knee specialist...Dr Mittal.  And in the previous year, we had attended a seminal with Dr Rajesh Chandwaney, a heart specialist who Ken felt he trusted.  After a year with Dr Chandwaney, doctor found a blockage that could be repaired.  Ken went through the 'blockage removal and stint insertion procedure last April  with an approval for knee surgery in three months.  Then he had his Gall bladder removed and now for Ken's third surgery this year, he now has a brand new titanium right knee.  He is doing very well, coping with the pain and discomfort and most willingly doing his physical therapy. 

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