Saturday, December 4, 2010

It Probably Was Our Last Time

I can't really be sure, but last night may have been our last trip to Red Lobster.  I love those cheese biscuits .. knowing they are not good for me so we don't frequent Red Lobster often.   Seafood is my favorite dish.  Now I remember previously we visited the Red Lobster in Asheville (Ava loved the place with the hanging fishes even if she did not love the food.)   The last time we visited Red Lobster in Asheville she ordered mac and cheese -- It was the boxed, pop-in-microwave kind.  Ken and I ordered seafood only to be reminded that the quality of the food deteriorated to an inferior grade.    And that was a year ago. 
So last night in Oklahoma City, we were staying at the Quality Inn right next door to the Red Lobster.  It seemed the place to go.  First, they did not bring me what I ordered -- it looked good so I kept it  and it was OK.   Ken's favorite is the fried combo fishermans patter but he was trying to be a good boy and ordered the steamed captains plate --- he DID NOT LIKE  the bland, watery undesirable presentation.       Thus, I think we won't visit Red Lobster again ... at least not until we have forgotten about the last two or three trips when we agreed that Chef Red has lost his touch.     I still love the cheese biscuits even though they are not a healthy item.

Oh, by the way, the reason we were in Oklahoma City was to attend the Keith Wann Coda Show and workshop.  Great show -- worth the trip!
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  1. How disapointing. It reminds me of the tamale story.
    Some things are actually better in our memories.

  2. That looks DELICIOUS! ~Ava

    I like the food at Red Lobster, Nana! ~Carson