Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Weekend while visiting the Sick Papa ... who is better now that they are here.

Joel and Blakely have a snuggle together in the hot tub while Papa does his water therapy.   This little swim suite has been worn by seven granddaughters starting with Kayla, Lily, Hailey, Rosie, Ava, Sydney and the last one now, Blakely
Blakely and Babe play tug of war.  They both had such a fun time together.

Mama Jennifer is getting read for an evening out but gives Blakely a good by snuggle.

Daddy Joel is conducting the wedding this evening.   The Quick Trip attendent loved Joels cuff links -- thought he must be a limo driver.  When they got home, they had quiet a story about the wedding experience.
I remember this exact same facial expression on O'Neal.
Playing with the Baby Monitor.
Three cousins on a swing with the Babe.  Rosemary, Sydney and Lily.

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