Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Walk Through Our Yard Looking For New Life

I grabbed our little Fuji camera and took a stroll through our yard for signs of life -- checking to see what might be peeking up through the soil.    Yes, there were all though the grass, wild violets hidding along with last years pecans which the squirrels were storing away.   all kinds of 'unwanted' items in our grass -- clover, dandelines, wild strawberry plants and much much more. There were signs of Coneflowers -- not a lot, but a few.
And Mexican Petunias were coming up in the wrong place. They travel underground and peep up in the unexpected places.  There were corabells, redbuds, Japanese Maples displaying all their glory.
Last year we had a grove of banana trees.  In the fall, Ken gave several away.  The largest one which was stored in the garage for the winter did not make it.  However, we still have two very hearty musa banana trees by being kept inside the house.  Those two are now very happy to be outside once again.  COME ON SPRING .... COME ON NEW LIFE .....  RESURRECT, RESTORE AND RENEW!
Glory, Hallelujah, see the photo of the dead bananna tree?  I discovered a little shoot coming out from the root.  There is still life in it -- up from the grave it arose!

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