Sunday, May 17, 2009

Been to Rome and Back (self portrait)

Left Tulsa on April 26 for our big 52 year Anniversary Celebration. A trip we dreamed of and finally it happened. I'll have to admit I learned I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to travel in other countries. Not knowing the language and not knowing where to go next are uncomfortable moments for me. And definitely, we will never again travel with a suitcase that weighs 50 pounds -- even if they do have rollers. The Internet predicted rain so we had clothing for all weather as well as formal attire for the ship on formal nights. Whoo! Next time it is two pair of underwear and three changes of clothing and that it is! ...... maybe. But we have made memories to last the rest of our lives with a couple thousand photos to wade through and organize, cut paste and delete. Will show you a few in time. But we did love every part of our 2 1/2 weeks away. Landed in Barcelona on Monday, took the train to Salou, Spain for four days, then back to Barcelona to board the Celebrity Summit. Friday we spent the day in Cannes, France and drove through Provence to a medieval city, Saint Paul. Luckily we missed the International Film Festival by a couple of weeks. Saturday we were in Livorno, Italy and took a country drive through Tuscany country to a vineyard and olive farm outside a little town, Monte Carlo, Italy. And here in the photo, on Sunday, we missed the Pope by twenty minutes -- but we still made it to the Vatican. Missed the Pope's blessing but we were still highly blessed by our Good God. Well, this is enough information for now. More than you ever hoped for will come later.
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