Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas - A Season for Celebration in God

Simply a little bit of our home during the Christmas Season - December, 2008. Christmas decorations do something weird to me. I get them out and they bring back memories so many and overwhelming of the years before. But the biggest gut wrenching is when I pack them up. Wondering what the year ahead will bring .... will I be getting them out next year ... what will be different in our home ... in our family. I love Christmas. I wish we could keep it simply and I am definitely working on that. Each year, the decorations become a bit less. More of them left in the attic while I tell myself, I need to get rid of these things. I'm doing better. And this year I actually admitted to Ken that maybe next year we will take a cruise during the holidays. Never know what life will bring our way.

On Christmas Day, Suzie, Dwight and Kayla visited for a short while. We exchanged gifts and had a nice time together. Suzie had made some salsa and brought chips. We had a feast after they left. I had founda Clues game at Restoration Hardway and some sweets for their family. Also, Since Kayla had a rock climbing Birthday party a few days before, I found a crystal snow globe and put her picture inside of her climbing -- pretending it was a mountain she was conquering.

Over the past year with Kayla. We don't get to see her nearly enough and she is such a precious gift from God. I praise God constantly for her new family who are loving and raising her to be a beautiful young lady. Kayla turned 11 years in December.

Here I am playing with more photos. Ken and I visited another family on Christmas morning.....taking gifts and wishing a Merry Christmas to little ones who don't have a lot. And these little angels were very loving and grateful.Posted by Picasa

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